I know it can be scary to lock in an “ideal client” and only market to them but, trust me, when you do it makes messaging and serving your audience sooooo much easier.

Being a generalist makes it easy for people to overlook you but if you are an expert in a specific field you will become a magnet for those people.

Also when you’re focused on solving a specific problem for a specific audience, it means you can charge higher prices which is always a BIG WIN.

Here are the top three things you need to know about your ideal client in order to connect and sell to them with ease ?

1) Their demographics.
It might seem useless but knowing what age, what sex and how much your ideal client earns will help you figure out where they hang out online which is super important when it comes to marketing.

2) What their goals and aspirations are.
Once you know what they want in life you can tailor your messaging to be specific to them – this will help you connect with your ideal client in a big way.

3) What problems they have.
When you know their specific problems you can then create solutions for them in the form of services/products. When people feel like a service was made specifically for them it makes them want to buy!