Many people don’t realise there are lots of different types of logo design styles.

Image Based

An image based logo is a logo made up of an icon or graphic. It can also be referred to as a picture mark or brand mark.

Famous examples: Lacoste, Apple, Twitter


A monogram logo is a symbol made up of letters (usually the initials of the brand).

Famous examples: H&M, McDonalds, Uber


An emblem logo consists of the business name contained within a shape.

Famous examples: Salvation Army, Harley Davidson, Warner Brothers


A wordmark logo uses a text representation of business name and does not include any other elements (such as graphics, or symbols).

Famous examples: Disney, Canon, Vans


An abstract logo is either some kind of shape that is not recognisable as a specific image or an abstraction of an image.

Famous examples: airbnb, Spotify, NBC


A character logo, sometimes known as a mascot logo contains a character that represents the brand.

Famous examples: Michellin, KFC, The Tiny Dog Creative!


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